Bambu API Library

Bambu APIs powers your platform to build the next big Robo platform. Gain access to financial planning and performance, monitoring and projection, country and fund data, artificial intelligence and transaction APIs.

Welcome to Bambu API Library where we provide the necessary APIs to build a robo-advisory platform. A robo-advisory platform has a standard user journey with some steps needed to be taken by the clients. The API Library provides APIs that power most of the steps so developers can build a robo faster and better.

Below is the chart of a robo-advisor journey which contains some steps that API Library can power.

As seen in the chart, API Library provides various kinds of APIs to power most steps in a goal-based robo-advisor journey — although not all. API Library does not provide the capability to store client’s data. Any robo functionality that requires a database or service that is unique to your project is not provided by API Library.

For example, an API to sign up new clients and store their goal data is not available but API Library provides an API to calculate the goal amount a client needs which will then be stored in the database as the client’s goal data.

If you need a completed while-label robo solution which stores client’s data, has a customized risk score to portfolio mapping, or has the capability to create transaction broker account on the client's behalf, check out Bambu’s other offerings such as Bambu BUILD and Bambu GO.

Getting Started

You can try Bambu API Library by creating an account. You’ll have a monthly quota of 5000 API calls. The base url is You can try all the following resource materials using this base URL with this API console.

You can follow this tutorial to learn how to sign up and generate API keys. After that you can follow the tutorials listed below on how to use our commonly used set of APIs:

  1. Retirement Goal Helper
  2. Child’s Education Goal Helper
  3. House Goal Helper
  4. Projections and Healthcheck

To view documentations of all our API sets, check out this page.

API Reference

You can try and view the details of all our APIs using this API console or this Postman collection. You can go to a specific API console page from our featured APIs here:

1. Registration

2. Financial Planning

Child's Education Cost
Calculate the user's estimated child's university education cost based on various selections
Retirement Goal Calculator
Calculate the user's estimated retirement expenses based on various selections

3. Performance, Monitoring and Projections

Calculate the number of units/amount to buy/sell to get the user back to the model portfolio
Calculate the user's estimated projected values

4. Data

Calculate the relevant country rates based on the user's country
Get fund details including historical data for all available funds which includes US ETFs and Mutual Funds

5. AI

Auto ML
Create, build, and train your machine learning models specific to your business needs with minimal effort.
Customer Segmentation
Divide your customers into groups based on characteristics, interests, and traits.
Portfolio Builder API
Create Model Portfolios along the efficient frontier and get reccomended the product allocation of each model portfolio.

6. Transaction

Questions and Feedback

We can use this forum to ask questions or give feedback. We can also contact [email protected] for all inquiries.