Hello, Is it possible to have the API "Get House Price" for houseCostCalculatorV2 to be fixed? (because I am using it for one of my school project) All the response for request of that API returns error. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks!

Accumulation Calculator

I tried to input the send request as var data = JSON.stringify({ "yearsToGoal": "10", "compound": "12", "confidence": "0.95", "discreteExpectedVolatility": "0.1103", "discreteExpectedReturnPerAnnum": "0.0514", "initialInvestment": "0", "annualInvestment": "1000", "currentYear": "2018", "period": "beg" }); Tried both with or without the "period" Both return this error response. {"response":{"discreteExpectedVolatility":["can't be blank"],"discreteExpectedReturnPerAnnum":["can't be blank"],"yearsToGoal":["can't be blank"],"initialInvestment":["can't be blank"],"annualInvestment":["can't be blank"],"currentYear":["can't be blank"]}} But the values worked well when it is used on the website API UI.

Get House Price

The web interface is not functional as it does not parse the inputs into JSON object. And secondly, the web interface does not take into consideration for null inputs. And even after I parse my object into JSON object, for instance, {'country':'Singapore', 'regionInput':null, 'cityInput':null, 'locationInput':'Ang Mo Kio', 'districtInput':'20', 'houseTypeInput':'HDB', 'roomTypeInput':'Executive'}, which is one of the returned valid datapoint. It returns me a bad request of {"error":{"statusCode":400,"name":"Error","message":"country is a required argument"}} Thirdly, if the fields are stated required, does that mean other fields in the api request itself are optional? And if so, does that mean if I input in country as Singapore and location as Ang Mo Kio, will it return all the datapoints that satisfy both conditions? Lastly, it would be nice if you save the text input of the user in the "Ask a Question" section, such that in the case that [Error: You need to fill out your name and email!], the user (me) do not have to retype everything again.

Issue with "number of array" in the API library

Hi, I'm unable to add the same value into an array.

Risk Profile Methodology

What's the Risk Profile Methodology. If my bank has their own model, are we able to amend your logic?

University Calculator

Can you explain how does the University Calculator work?

How do i get started

HI, i would like to know more!