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Accumulation Calculator

I tried to input the send request as
var data = JSON.stringify({
"yearsToGoal": "10",
"compound": "12",
"confidence": "0.95",
"discreteExpectedVolatility": "0.1103",
"discreteExpectedReturnPerAnnum": "0.0514",
"initialInvestment": "0",
"annualInvestment": "1000",
"currentYear": "2018",
"period": "beg"

Tried both with or without the "period"
Both return this error response.

{"response":{"discreteExpectedVolatility":["can't be blank"],"discreteExpectedReturnPerAnnum":["can't be blank"],"yearsToGoal":["can't be blank"],"initialInvestment":["can't be blank"],"annualInvestment":["can't be blank"],"currentYear":["can't be blank"]}}

But the values worked well when it is used on the website API UI.

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