This walkthrough demonstrates how a client creates a child's education goal and how education API enables this functionality.

First we need to put in the university location and when (in how many years) the enrolment starts. They are required parameters in education API.


If you’re building for clients in the US, the API has the capability to take into account if your child is an instate or outstate applicant so we can display an UI for the client to choose that as well. Also for the US, the API takes country and state as parameters. For other countries the API takes only country.

Next we need to put in the university type (public or private) and university specialization (medical or non-medical). They are also required parameters in the API.


After we put in all the required parameters from the previous steps we can now call this API to calculate the education goal:

POST /api/generalCalculator/v2/goalCalculator/calcUniversityGoalAmount
with a JSON payload containing the data we gathered from the previous steps.

  "age": 1,
  "ageOfUni": 17,
  "maxGoalYear": 24,
  "universityType": "Public",
  "country": "AU",
  "inflationRate": 0.0237,
  "currentYear": 2021,
  "specialisation": "General"

And here is the response

  "goalYear": 2037,
  "yearsToGoal": 16,
  "maxYearsToGoal": 23,
  "educationCost": 167478,
  "universityCost": 115132,
  "currency": "AUD"

We can then display the goal amount needed and other education information as shown below. Note that the goal amount shown is displayed in USD instead of AUD (API Library provides an API to convert currency).