This endpoint returns one of the moodboards from the list. Each moodboard contains following information

  • General Information, such as persona name, age, income and many more

  • Colour

  • Fonts

  • Traits

  • Tone

  • Visual

Each moodboard information is unique

Query/Path Params

NameDatatypeDescriptionNo. of decimalsNotes
idNumberId number of moodboard that contains unique information for persona0The available values are between 1 and 6

Request Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionNo. of decimalsNotes
coloursDictionaryDescription and name of colours used.
fontsDictionaryDescription, font_example, font_example, name and url of fonts
font_exampleArrayArray of links of the fonts example
font_familyArrayFont name, url and usage of fonts
generationStringPeople generation, such as Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, and many more
idNumberid of persona0
max_ageNumberMaximum age0
max_incomeNumberMaximum income0
min_ageNumberMinimum age0
min_incomeNumberMinimum age0
nameStringName of persona
personality_traitsArrayDescription and name of personality traits
toneDictionaryDescription and keywords of tone
visualDictionaryDescription, icon_style and photo example of visuals
icon_styleStringLink to icon style
photo_exampleArrayArray containing links to the photo examples
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