Stock Data

This endpoint returns daily funds' price information based on user’s selection of funds and date range. Following lists the information available from each fund on each day:

  • Daily dividend adjusted closing price

  • Daily opening price

  • Daily closing price

  • Daily highest price

  • Daily lowest price

  • Daily trading volume

  • Dividends paid on that day

  • Cumulative dividends since start date

Query Params

NameDatatypeDescriptionMandatorySample valueList of possible valuesNo. of decimal placesNotes
symbolStringSymbols of fundsYAAAAX,AAXJ,QQQNAmay input multiple values
startDateDatereturn daily funds prices starting from this dateY2010-08-25NAformat: yyyy-mm-dd
endDateDatereturn daily funds prices until this dateY2020-02-08NAformat: yyyy-mm-dd
fieldsStringFields of price information to be returnedNdivAdjClosedivAdjClose, close, high, low, open, volume, accumulatedDividends, dividend
productTypeStringFilter funds by fund typeNETFETF, MUTUALFUNDNAmay input multiple values

Response Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionSample valueNo. of decimal placesNotes
divAdjCloseFloatDaily dividend-adjusted closing price. divAdjClose = close + accumulatedDividends45.308391578
closeFloatDaily closing price45.308391578
highFloatDaily highest price45.449696228
lowFloatDaily lowest price44.718244498
openFloatDaily opening price45.017474898
volumeIntegerDaily trading volume4297000
accumulatedDividendsFloatCumulative dividends of the fund since start date0.01-3
dateStringDate of record“2010-01-01”NA
dividendsFloatDividend amount on that day0.01-3
symbolStringFund’s symbolAAXJNA
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