This endpoint allows user to input one or more customer data to predict what kinds of goals he/she might have.

  1. Input: a customer's personal information and investment data

  2. output: probabilities of goals that customer might have

Request Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionMandatorySample valuesList of possible valuesNotes
clientIdStringIt is meant for identification purpose as information are stored under unique id valueYes
modelStringChoose a trained model to be used to make a prediction based on customer dataYes"ensemble"“manual_selection”, "ensemble", “mlp”
customerArray of DictionaryArray containing each customer’s information. The fields are different per project, based on what we’re getting from the client’s DB.The array is mandatory and cannot be empty array. For each customer’s information in the dictionary, the only mandatory field is customerID"customer": [ { "nationality": "Indian", "gender": "male", "age": 50, "race": "Canadian", "personalIncome": 8806, "savingsRatio": 0.4, "platformCountry": "IN", "customerId": "273a3980-2458-11e9-b0a0-9d372de0f001_1" }, { "nationality": "Chinese", "gender": "female", "age": 50, "race": "Canadian", "personalIncome": 6806, "savingsRatio": 0.32, "platformCountry": "SG", "customerId": "273a3980-2458-11e9-b0a0-9d372d01_1" } ]The set of key-value pair dictionary in the array object always changes. And the input validation of the set of key-value pair is defined and set by the customer

Response Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionSample valueNo. of decimalsNotes
customerIdStringIt is meant for identification purpose as information are stored under unique id value“0”
goalRecommendationArrayArray of goalType and respective predictedProb.[ { "customerId": "0", "goalRecommendation": [ { "goalType": "retirement", "predictedProb": 0.44828 }, ... { "goalType": "financialSecurity", "predictedProb": 0 }, { "goalType": "business", "predictedProb": 0 } ] }, { "customerId": "1", "goalRecommendation": [ { "goalType": "retirement", "predictedProb": 0.85484 }, ... { "goalType": "business", "predictedProb": 0 } ] } ]
goalTypeStringIt describes the name of particular goalType“retirement”
predictedProbNumberIt describes the probability of to get that goalType based on customer information5
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