Data Retrieval

This endpoint is to retrieve the dataset, and return a dictionary that lists sample size, categoric and numeric features, features that have only one value, and features that contain nonsense values in the dataset.

Request Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionMandatorySample ValueList of Possible ValuesNotes
customersArray of DictionaryContains customer’s datasetY"customers": [ { "nationality": "Indian", "gender": "male", "age": 19, "race": "Canadian", "platformCountry": "IN", "personalIncome": 8806, "savingsRatio": 0.49, "customerId": "273a3980-2458-11e9-b0a0-9d372de0f001" }, ... { "nationality": "Chinese", "gender": "female", "age": 50, "race": "Indian", "platformCountry": "SG", "personalIncome": 4043, "savingsRatio": 0.61, "customerId": "273a3980-2458-11e9-b0a0-9d372de0f120" } ]The set of key-value pair dictionary in the array object always changes. And the input validation of the set of key-value pair is defined and set by the customer

Response Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionSample ValueNotes
categoricFeaturesArrayAn array of categorical features in the customer data.[ "race", "gender", "platformCountry", "nationality", "agentId" ]
nonsenceValueFeaturesArrayAn array containing the features that may contain irrelevant information[]
numericFeaturesArrayAn array of numerical features in the customer data."numericFeatures": ["age", "personalIncome", "savingsRatio" ]
sampleSizeIntegerThe size of the dataset1000
singleValueFeaturesArrayAn array of numerical features in the customer data that have only one value."singleValueFeatures": [ "platformCountry", "nationality", "agentId" ]
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