Child's Education Calculator

A user enters Gender of the child, Age of the child and age child will attend university, select the Country, Type of University and Specialisation.

The following table describes the parameters of this API:

Name Data TypeTechnical Description Mandatory Sample ValueList of Possible ValuesNo. of DecimalsRemarks 
agenumber Age of childY10age variable represents the Age of Child. Valid age is only >0age must be smaller than ageOfUni
ageOfUninumber Age at which child shall attend universityY180ageOfUni represents the Age child will attend university
maxGoalYearnumber Maximum number of years to achieve the goalY240Value is hardcoded/pre-populated, and not entered by the user, defines the maximum number of year to reach goal
universityTypeStringType of University YPublic'Public', 'Private'The user selects from Two types of universities Public and Private. If a user is not allowed to select the type of university then default university Type must be 'Public'
specialisation String Specialization of educationYMedicine'Medicine','General'The Type of Major selected for the child's education.
country StringCountry of University EducationYSG'AU', 'CA', 'ID', 'MY', 'NZ', 'PH', 'SG', 'AE', 'GB', 'US', 'VN'The desired country for a child's university education 
inflationRateNumber Rate of inflation in the country of education Y0.036Based on the long term inflation rate retrieved from the Country service of a specific country or by hardcoding in the Front End based on client requirement. endpoint - /v1/rate/:countryCode, field to use - inflation_rate_long_term
currentYearNumberYear to DateY20190System generated current year

The following table describes the output of this API:

Name Data TypeTechnical Description Sample Value No. of decimals
goalYearNumberYear of goal attainment 20360
yearsToGoalNumberNumber of years remaining to reach goal 170
maxYearsToGoalNumberMaximum number of years to reach goal by 230
educationCostNumberTotal cost of university education adjusted to inflation11012100
UniversityCostNumberCost of university education before adjusting to inflation 6662500
currencyNumberThe currency of education cost SGD
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