Profit and Loss (Fund Level) (Multiple funds)

The following table describes the parameters for this API:

NameDataTypeDescription Mandatory Sample ValueNo. of decimalsNotes 
endMarketValueEnding market value, shows the value of a security at the end of a given date. If it's a stock, it's the current stock priceIf it's a Mutual Fund or ETF, it's the current net asset value.Y0.74446The valid values for this parameter is 0 or more 
transactionTypeString List of transaction type - SA - SubscriptionRD - RedemptionDD - Cash DividendsBI - Unit SplitDR - Dividends ReinvestmentYSA
transactionValueNumberThe value of the transaction being performed.Values can be negative or positive If it's a cash inflow, value should be positive.Types of cash inflow (SA, DR)If it's a cash outflow, value should be negativeTypes of cash outflow (RD, DD)Y100, -80 6No boundary value set for this parameter 
purchasePriceNumberThe price at which the security was boughtY1006This values come from the broker, during trade confirmation.The valid values for this parameter is 0 or more.

The following table describes the outputs for this API:

NameDataTypeDescription Sample ValueNo. of decimals
valuationDateFundMarketValueNumberCurrent Value of the funds126.556
profitAndLossAmtNumberThis is the unrealized profit/loss in $ value-93.452
profitAndLossPercentageNumberThis is the unrealized profit/loss in % value-0.42476
balanceUnitHoldingNumberThis is the total number of units the user has1702
avgPurchasePriceNumber This is the average purchase price on a fund level1.294117658
iterationsArray of objects[ { "transactionUnit": 100, "balanceUnitHolding": 100, "avgPurchasePrice": 1 },{ "transactionUnit": -40, "balanceUnitHolding": 60, "avgPurchasePrice": 1 },...]
transactionUnitNumbernumber of units purchased1002
balanceUnitHoldingNumberrolling number of units based on all previous transactions1002
avgPurchasePriceNumberThe rolling average purchased price based on all previous transactions18
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