MWRR Calculator

The following table describes the parameters for this API:

NameDataTypeDescriptionMandatorySample ValueNo. of decimalsNotes
amountnumberAmount could be cash outflow or inflow Y-1000,-100,-100,-100,16002cash inflows is negative and cash outflow is positive value. The first amount is always in-flow which is negative value.
dateA schedule of payment dates that corresponds to the cash flow payments.Y{ "year": 2012, "month": 2, "day": 1 }Date must always be passed in chronological order. 
yearinteger year that corresponds to cash flow paymentY20120
monthintegermonth that corresponds to cash flow paymentY1,3,40
dayintegerday year that corresponds to cash flow paymentY1,250

The following table describes the outputs for this API:

NameDataTypeDescriptionSample ValueNo. of decimals
moneyWeightedRateOfReturninteger Calculates and displays the money Weighted Rate Of Return for a series of cash flows that is periodic1.1056636
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