General Splitter

This endpoint serves as a calculator to split transactional related orders that has a large number of decimal places. It can be used for:

  • split of user-input Investment amounts between funds
  • split of master-level executed units between accounts, to be sent as allocations to the broker/custodian
  • split of account-level executed units between goals
  • split of account-level left over cents between goals
  • split of account-level settlement amount between goals
  • split of account-level cash dividends between goals
  • split of account-level fee between goals

Request Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionMandatorySample valueNotes
decimalPrecisionintegernumber of decimals used for the baseInput and for the SplitsYes5"2" decimals if we are splitting dollars, euros, "0" decimals it we are splitting yens
baseInputdecimalValue to be splitYes40.34534Throws an error if baseInput comes with strictly more decimals than DecimalPrecision
splitsArray of Objectsvector of references values used to split pro-rata the baseInputYes[{ "id": "1","value":55.24}, {"id": "2","value": 55.24}, {"id": "3","value": 67.79}, {"id": "4","value": 7.39}]
valuedecimalreference values use to split pro rataYes7.39Number of decimals in Value restricted to 16

Response Body

NameDatatypeDescriptionSample valueNo. of decimal placesNotes
baseInputArray of Objects
valuedecimalreference values use to split pro rata55.24
rawAllocatedAmountdecimalThe raw allocated account without any rounding11.90132500269309490466444037516
originalAllocatedAmountdecimalThe rounded down allocated amount rounded down to the decimal precision11.90132based on decimalPrecision
originalAllocatedAmountLastDigitdecimalThe digit in the originalAllocatedAmount at the DecimalPrecision+1 th place5.01
actualAllocatedAmountdecimalThe final allocated amount after the adjustment based on 'most deserving' logic11.90132based on decimalPrecision
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